Handle with care

Music Inspired by The Traveling Wilburys

Been beat up and battered ‘round
Been sent up, and I’ve been shot down
You’re the best thing that I’ve ever found
Handle me with care
— The Travelling Wilburys

For those who loved the iconic songs of The Wilburys there’s more. The Handle With Care Show features all the big songs from the two multi hit albums, plus mega hits from the five Wilbury legends – George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne.

This highly entertaining show emphasises the musical quality that achieved massive popularity with all demographics in the short time they recorded together. The passion lives on as these six highly acclaimed musicians present a musical journey paying tribute to The Travelling Wilburys.


Paul Coombes  – (Twelve String Wilbury)

Guitar-ukulele- bass-vocals. Studied classical piano from an early age, but discovered the
guitar through the Beatles as teenager. A multi-instrumentalist adept at keyboard, piano,
accordion, guitar, banjo and ukulele. With over 30 years experience in the music industry
Paul has toured with bands all over the East Coast of Australia, worked in theatre
composing and performing, and was part of a successful jingle company in the 90s.


Tony Pryor - (Tonebury)

Handle With Care shows Tony’s talents on keyboards, harmonica and vocals. Tony has
entertained audiences as a solo performer for over 20 years in piano bars, clubs, hotels
and corporate functions. His work with other musicians has covered many different genres,
adding his own unique brand of vocal and musical talent. Piano men Billy Joel and Elton
John, were major influences that lead to finding a deep appreciation of music. Sting has
been another influence in his musical direction as has Powder Finger, Ian Moss, and
Bruce Hornby, all shaping the sound of this seasoned entertainer.


Billy Mawer - (Willy Wilbury)

Between the final for best vocalist in the “Battle of the Bands” early in his career, to the
vocals and guitars with Handle With Care, there have been too many gigs to mention. The
early years were dominated by performing in dance and music, before the rock scene took

As guitarist/vocalist in Tarquin, there was success with the chart hit “Summer Ladies” and
“Joker”. Six years on the road with The Gangsters saw single and EP releases, before
three years in England. A return to Oz saw a busy schedule with production shows Twist
and Shout, Get Ready, and Daze Of Woodstock, through to the end of the noughties,
including a gig doing backing vocals with Joe Walsh. All this has led to a repertoire of
around 300 songs, many his own compositions. Now with the exciting and challenging
show Handle With Care, it’s almost full circle, playing music from the artists that influenced
the formative years. As an audio engineer and lighting designer, there are few aspects of
the entertainment industry that Billy has not been involved in.


The most important part of the gig is to make sure the audience has been entertained
— Billy Mawer

Mark Gales  – (Windy Wilbury)

Based in Wollongong, Mark is a former student of the Australian Institute of Music and a
well known performer in the Australian music scene, playing in his own band, solo and
session gigs. Mark started his career 20 years ago playing backup for some of Australia's
most talented vocalists at the Australian Open Singing Championship and has studied
music with some of Australias most well renowned teachers. Marks roots are based
strongly in the blues and his influences include a wide range of guitar players from Robert
Johnson and Buddy Guy through to the Beatles and Stones and to modern Blues artists
such as Keb Mo and Robben Ford. As an avid fan of the Wilburys, Mark is looking forward
to being an integral part of Handle With Care.



Ken Minch  - (Minchinbury)

Ken has been performing in music and theatre scene since his high school years. In the
early 80s Ken performed in various cover bands, headlining shows throughout NSW and
supporting major Australian acts , including Aussie Crawl and Moving Pictures. He then
graduated to the show band scene playing in the Peter Allen Tribute Band and Get Ready
cabaret show taking the rolls of Neil Diamond and Tom Jones. Ken has continued to
perform in Cover bands throughout Qld and NSW and is excited to be a part of the
Travelling Wilburys musical show Handle with Care.


Mark Batley - (Batbury)

Mark’s passion for rhythm began when performing with a Brass marching band in high school.
To follow was many years of playing in rock, blues, country, Latin, jazz and funk bands.
With his experience comes a wealth of knowledge and abilities in creating authentic feels and
grooves to suit the environment that he is involved in. With the addition of many years of singing
experience, Mark is able to add colour to the overall sound production.